Our Story

Cross The River, LLC, originally called, "T&R Mowing" actually began in 2008 with the purchase of our first driving lawn mower. We started out doing a few of the neighbors lawns. After two years of doing work for the local neighbors, word of mouth slowly began to spread and the business began to grow. In 2013 Trent graduated from highscool and was ready to go to work full time. We where at the point in our business that we needed to start keeping track of our sales for taxes. We knew we where ready to set up an LLC. Then came along the question of "What would we name our business". T&R Mowing was a little boring. After a few days of pondering names our Father "Casey" suggested Cross The River. It was a go. 

You may ask Why Cross The River? It is taken from the passage in the book of Joshua chapter 3 when God told the Israelites to cross the Jordan River. They had to step out in faith into the river in flood stage trusting in God. When they did He held back the river and they crossed on dry land. You see at this point in our business my Father had quite his job in the construction industry so he could be there to help us further establish and grow our business into what you know now as Cross The River, LLC. 

We have taken my fathers 25 years of experience in construction and have branched out into many other services including excavation and grading.